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July 25, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Snippets of Apley Farm Shop news

2016-07-25, DOTW Griddle,£7.50 price tbcJust got these snippets of news to start the week:

Our Head Chef in the Creamery Cafe at Apley Farm Shop has been cooking up some new recipes, including these steak burgers which sold very well over the weekend. It’s made up of our own steak in a brioche bun with bacon & mature cheddar & fries.

This week’s Dish of the Week is Grilled fresh figs (photo below) with Apley honey, toasted walnuts & spiced mascarpone cheese – photographed here below. Figs in our courtyard at home will be ready in another 2-3 weeks – Gavin can’t wait!

Our Afternoon Teas never seem to lose their popularity. At £14.95 per person ,they make great presents all year round. Vouchers are for sale via our online DeliShop or in the farm shop.

2016-07-22, Apley Passport backWe’ve created an Apley Passport as we found some visitors didn’t realise there was so much to do & see in our lovely Apley Courtyard. To claim your free coffee* in our Creamery Cafe, get each logo ticked as you visit every attraction

Swifts bread in Apley Farm Shop

Swifts bread in Apley Farm Shop

onsite. T&Cs apply.

AFS Veg SW 2

Apley Walled Garden & local vegetables in Apley Farm Shop

Grilled fresh figs with Apley honey, toasted walnuts & spiced mascarpone cheese

Grilled fresh figs with Apley honey, toasted walnuts & spiced mascarpone cheese

Tina was at the very well attended Cosford Food Festival on Saturday & Sunday & sold out, helped by our Marketing Assistant Natasha.

Steve Watts of A Decent Exposure photography took some fab photos during the Apley Delicatessen cheese launch on Saturday. Here are a couple of my favourites.

2016-07-25, Apricot & Ginger COTW (3) (640x480)Cake of the Week from our Apley Bakery is Apricot & Ginger cake – using apricots from our own shopping courtyard.

July 23, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley cheese launch today at Apley Farm Shop

2016-07-23, AFS at Cosford Food Fair 2016 2
2016-07-23, AFS at Cosford Food Fair 2016 4 2016-07-23, AFS at Cosford Food Fair 2016Apley Farm Shop is hosting an exciting big cheese launch today, masterminded by our farm shop supervisor Lora Rogers, Delicatessen Donna & other members of her dream team ! Lora & Donna have been recently trained by a cheese specialist, Charlie Turnbull, who set up our Apley Farm Shop online DeliShop. Enjoy FREE TASTERS of over 45 cheeses ranging from classic, English, vintage & continental. Just for today, so don’t miss it ! Ends 5:30pm.

Simultaneously, Tina & Gavin are at the Cosford Food Festival showcasing our best products to local customers, alongside other leading Shropshire food producers. Bakewell tarts made by Lisa in our Apley Bakery, Apley honey, handmade Scotch eggs, Apley pasties, Apley Walled Garden vegetables (freshly picked last night), Apley beers & much more. Delicious & perfect ingredients for your summer picnics. It’s at the RAF Museum at Cosford, just off the M54.

July 23, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Today at Apley Farm Shop


Wasabi beans for sale behind the Deli counter, almonds, cashews too


Butcher’s July offers


First fields harvested


Apley Bakery’s beautiful birthday cake


Very successful cheese launch

2016-07-23, AFS at Cosford Food Fair 2016 4

The Apley Farm Shop stand at Cosford Food Fair

IMG_1901 What a day at Apley Farm Shop – the cheese launch happened wonderfully, the Delicatessen counter was brimming with delicious olives & cheeses galore whilst so many visited the Cosford Food Festival, the car park there apparently had to be closed.

In the meantime, Lisa in the Apley Bakery shared with me the finished version of a 50th birthday cake she’d made to order. I’d seen the cake just out of the oven yesterday – here’s the before & after.

What next – Summer activities begin on Wednesday morning, 27 July, in Pigg’s Playbarn. Activ8 & EKO are both running holiday clubs from Apley Farm Shop – EKO 5 Aug, 19-20 Aug & 2 Sept; Activ8 on 27-29 July, 10-12 Aug & 24-26 Aug (9-3pm daily).

I haven’t mentioned farming news for weeks – the first fields of cereal crops have already been harvested, seems earlier than usual. The butcher has these great summer offers – he’s got great blackboard painting skills too (it’s not as easy as he makes it look).

July 22, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Free cheese tasters at the Apley Delicatessen launch

Lisa's soda bread

Lisa’s soda bread

Free cheese tasters

Free cheese tasters

Cheese Fest at Apley! Enjoy free cheese tasters at the Apley Delicatessen launch this Saturday, 23 July. Here’s our press release giving all the details. Our baker Lisa made these soda breads today from which she’s going to make crackerbread to serve with Saturday’s cheeses.

A farm shop near Bridgnorth is holding a special launch day this Saturday 23 July, on its delicatessen counter, offering free tasters of over 45 cheeses, 9:30-5:30pm.

Apley Farm Shop is excited to invite you to their new delicatessen launch weekend. Come & see their fabulous cheese counter which they have been expanding over the past few weeks, their new selection of olives, antipastis & nuts. Taste & hear about some of our delightful homemade products.

Lora Rogers, farm shop manager explained: “Plenty of cheesy tasters will be available outside including both our new & best-selling cheeses. Our staff have recently completed a cheese retailing qualification so plenty of our delicatessen experts will be on hand to answer questions and guide you through our cheese selections. Staff can help you with cheese care guidance, wine & food recommendations & advise you on new cheeses you will love based on your current favourites.”

Lady Harriet Hamilton, marketing manager, added: Seeing images of our new ‘wedding cheese cake’ on display is stunning – a fabulous 8 tier wedding cheese cake on our Deli counter for £229. We only need 1 month’s notice – so get booking for a very special cheese lover  for or an eye catching, must-have talking piece for your special day.

The Apley Cheese madness doesn’t end there – why not pick up one of their baker’s handmade cheese scones from the shop – make sure you get in early to grab one warm! Or try some of the cheesy specials available in the Creamery Café. For the sophisticated minis, Pigg’s Playbarn will even be serving kids’ mini cheese boards!

On the butcher counter, check out some of our cheeses included in our butcher’s products. They will be doing a weekend special of chicken, brie & bacon sausages or a mouth-watering gourmet stuffed burger, stuffed with our bestselling creamy Shropshire blue.

In addition to the cheese launch, this Autumn, Apley Farm Shop is also holding 3 cheese tasting courses in November, January & February.  Lasting 2 hrs & held in their Corn Loft Conference Room on Saturday mornings, the £35 price includes tasters of each of their cheeses mixed with a bottle of red & white wine, an Apley ale & a cider.  Participants will benefit from a 10% offer in the shop on the day of the course.

These cheese days are great Christmas presents, for cheese lovers who prefer active presents.

Lord Hamilton explained “We know that Neal’s Yard Dairy & Paxton & Whitfield, a London based cheese shop, successfully run similar courses & many of our own Apley customers have shown interest, so it makes sense to offer them & so if the initial interest is followed up.

Contact or call 01952 730 345 and speak to Donna or Lora about your cheese cake today.

July 21, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Swifts bread & Apley Walled Garden raspberries in Apley Farm Shop

2016-07-17, Swifts bread sold out (2)2016-07-12, Swifts Bakery breadSwifts bread is now in stock in Apley Farm Shop & sold out on day 1 – totally delicious & refreshingly different.

On Tuesday evening, our first night of the holidays, all 6 of us together at home, we all headed down to Apley Walled Garden to harvest raspberries which we then stored in the chiller overnight & delivered to Apley Farm Shop on Wednesday morning. The gardens are so quiet & voices echo so easily within the walls, so conversation over the raspberry canes was very easy. As well as raspberries, we picked loganberries, jostaberries (the clean-shaven (as Gavin puts it), hair free dark red gooseberries) & red currants.

The morello cherries are growing well on the north wall, though I have to say, so are the weeds, so when we gave a tour to the Bridgnorth Rotary Club, I felt rather embarassed at the less-well tended areas of the garden. It’s of course impossible to keep up 2 acres of garden looking great all the time, especially in the summer.

One of the group kindly spotted the change in brick type used on the south facing wall, which has the boilers & chimneys. The top 10 layers of brick have been fired at a higher temperature. We deduced that the lower brick layers would emanate the heat from the boilers (providing hot air into the walls) more easily if it could not escape further up.

July 19, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Cheese of the Week at Apley Farm Shop: Harlech wheel

2016-07-18, COTW - Harlech WheelCheese of the Week at Apley Farm Shop: Harlech wheel, £1.69

Place of origin: Abergavenny

Strength:  3*

Appearance: bright orange in wax once opens reveals a cream coloured cheddar with specs of parsley.

Smell: Horseradish, sweet.

Description: Beneath the bright orange wax lies mature creamy cheddar speckled with fresh horseradish and parsley. It’s very tangy and zesty with a nice edge of heat that really tingles on your tongue.


Goes well with: Roast beef sandwich. Melted on steak . Red wine portada.

July 18, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley’s Big Cheese Launch, Sat 23 July

2016-07-17, Classic Motor Day, (17)

Apley Plant Centre display

2016-07-17, Hamdmade fruit tart by Lisa, £6.50

Hamdmade fruit tart by Lisa, £6.50

2016-07-17, Paint & Create pottery glazed & being taken home

Paint & Create pottery finished, glazed & being taken home

2016-07-17, Staff team work moving chiller 2

Staff team work moving chiller

2016-07-17, Staff team work moving chiller

Great teamwork at the end of a long day

2016-07-17, Swifts bread sold out

Swifts bread sold out on the first day we stocked it


Charlotte Hilton founder of Paint & Create with a happy customer

Having just enjoyed a fabulous Classic Motor Day yesterday, Apley Farm Shop’s staff are now getting ready for Saturday 23 July’s Big Cheese Launch on the Delicatessen counter. Customers will have the chance to enjoy free tasters of over 45 cheeses ranging from vintage, classic, English & continental cheeses. Our staff have been recently cheese-trained & are ready to impart their new knowledge with interested cheese-loving customers ! Drop in to discover a new favourite cheese anytime from 9:30 to 5:30pm.

Before the moment passes, I wanted to share these other Classic Motor Day photos, which speak for themselves & give the bigger picture.

July 17, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Farm Shop’s Classic Motor Day a huge success


3 Lambretta motorbikes, Se7ern Soul Scooters

2016-07-17, Classic Motor Day,

Jackie, Lydia, Donna, Lora & Sarah


Head chef on the courtyard barbecue cooking Apley butcher sausages & beef burgers

Natasha with prizes

Natasha with prizes

Apley Farm Shop’s Classic Motor Day was a huge success today, of course partly thanks to the sunshine & 27 degrees! Over 100 cars & motorbikes were admired by 1000-1500 visitors.

Steve Watts of A Decent Exposure photography took these & many others wonderful photos.

We had a great variety of cars & motorbikes which were admired by visitors from as close as Norton, less than a mile from Apley Farm Shop, to as far as Lanarkshire & Spain.  There’s clearly a huge interest out there, as this event has grown year on year since it began in 2012.

It was our biggest & busiest event since our jousting fairs in 2013 & 2014. We’ll definitely be repeating it; Many asked for next year’s date which will be Sunday 16 July 2017, 10-4pm. The sounds of the old engines being occasionally turned over filled the air. Many of these cars are only brought out in the warmer months, a few times a year, to be displayed at car shows usually within a 100 mile radius. We organised the cars into these groups:

  1. Black Country Classic Car club
  2. MGs
  3. Jaguars
  4. 1970s onwards
  5. 1950s & 1960s
  6. 1940s & before
  7. Motor cycles

Winner – Terence Tully’s Bond Bug

I met some of the car owners including Alan Wolf who brought a modern classic – an X-power grey, ZTT MG (2004), one of the very last to be built at Longbridge. David Terry brought a yellow 1978 MGB which he bought as a show car & has restored bit by bit himself, with some help. Other cars & motorbikes included three Lambretta motorbikes (1963, 1964 & 1967) brought by the Se7ern Soul Scooters club, a grey 1965 Singer Vogue owned by Brian Howell, a replica Captain America [Harley Davidson] motor bike signed by Peter Fonda, a 1957 MG Magnette & a 3.8 Jaguar.

Gavin & Venetia chose 4 winners:

  1. Ady Wys – Norton ES2 motor cycle
  2. Sean Thompson – VW Camper 1965 splitscreen
  3. Terence Tully – Bond Bug
  4. James Morgan – Triumph roadster 1800 1946.
2E0A6066 Winner Ady Wys - Norton ES2 motor cycle

Winner Ady Wys – Norton ES2 motor cycle

Ady Wys who lives a few miles from the farm shop told me about his 1936 Garden Gate Norton motorbike. His grandpa also had one in c. 1936 & shared his passion for cars & bikes with Ady who also has a ‘Burlington Arrow’ in his collection. It’s similar to motorbikes used in the Second World War, though the only history of this particular motorbike has been gathered during Ady’s restoration work.

As usual it was a truly family affair – Octavia helped in the cafe, Sybilla got a great suntan on car parking duty, Francis tested the go karts & Venetia helped judge winners!


Winner – James Morgan – Triumph roadster 1800 1946

Winner Sean Thompson - VW Camper 1965 splitscreen

Winner Sean Thompson – VW Camper 1965 splitscreen

Listen again by clicking HERE to Ryan Kennedy’s BBC Radio Shropshire’s Treasure Quest. Apley Farm Shop was one of their destinations yesterday. 2:35:44, 2:47:48, 2:48:21 & Gavin comes on at 3:05:25 – “the good Lord himself”, as they said!

July 16, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley’s Classic Motor Day is tomorrow, Sunday 17 July


For very young children


For ladies’ groups, perfect for all ages


For all the family to enjoy

Tomorrow, Sunday 17 July, will be a great day for children to drop into our brand newly opened Paint & Create’s pottery in the Old Dairy in the centre of our courtyard. Charlotte of course has ceramic cars to be painted in all racing colours.

For our Classic Motor Day on our event field, over 100 classic vehicles (cars & bikes) have registered already. Plus there’s our July Craft Fair in the courtyard, so lots for all the family to enjoy. Francis is most excited about the Go Karting of course provided by Go Kart Party Shropshire.

As well as Scotty’s Donkeys & Animal Park & Paint & Create pottery painting, discover our shopping courtyard – Big Little Things, Annie’s Reiki, Alley Katz Toy Shop & the Apley Plant Centre – or just enjoy breakfast, an Apley barbecue in the courtyard, traditional roast Sunday lunch, an Apley Afternoon Tea & our summer drinks menu in the Creamery Cafe. Our Head Chef Dan Balkwill is making some exciting changes.

If you are seeking indoor play, use Pigg’s Playbarn or for some fresh air, walk our 45 mins free nature trail. Here are some photos taken during Paint & Create’s launch last Saturday 9 July, showing what fun there is in store.

July 15, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Plant Centre news

2016-07-14, Apley Plant Centre photo, Aply53-02092016-07-14, Apley Plant Centre photo, Aply100-0354Apley Plant Centre have just sent me their news & these stunning photos. Drop by this weekend to see for yourselves – it’s looking so pretty & inspiring.

“Within the walls of Apley Farm Shop’s courtyard, Apley Plant Centre has plenty to offer. An intimate plant area packed full of a wide range of plants from a 9cm alpine to an 8 foot tree. If we haven’t got the plant you want, we can endeavour to source it for you with our Bespoke Quotation Service, countrywide delivery arranged if required. Horticulturally trained staff provide advice and plant designers are available to help with our Border Creation Service, a great tool to help our customers design their own planting schemes within their garden – a FREE service with a Border Creation Portfolio Pack to utilize.

With Multi Buy offers always available on many plant lines, we have a gift wrap service to take advantage of and monthly seasonal events to attend. Apley Plant Centre has a lot to offer any customer whether it be an eye-catching impulse buy, a well-planned Border Creation or even a salvage wear find for the home or garden.”



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