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February 11, 2012 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Pheasant recipes I bet you’ve never tried – Apley pheasant sausages

Supermarket free range cornfed chickens are approx £5kg, compared to Apley Farm Shop’s pheasants (of course, free range & corn fed) which are excellent value & very tasty at £3.50-£4 per kg. So there’s no time to lose – whizz off to Apley Farm Shop & try out these 3 super pheasant recipes I’ve been cooking for our children here in Paris. Gavin puts a cool bag in his suitcase & brings me supplies when he comes at the weekends – along with all kinds of other funny bits & pieces we need here. His suitcase is always a treasure of delights for the children to unpack on Saturday morning – a favourite jumper, ice skates, a new book etc.

First we tried … Apley pheasant sausages

We’ve tried pheasant in nearly 50 ways, but never this one !

These are extra lean sausages, so the meat looks quite dark (but nothing like black pudding !). I’ve heard that game, having been bred in the wild, has a higher level of protein than other meats, perhaps as it’s so lean. The children went on a sausage & pie making course with Gavin about a year ago. Now Gavin’s thinking of buying a sausage making machine for Apley Farm Shop’s Creamery Café, where we could make these. Roll on !

This amazing photo is taken by Ian Edwards who works on Apley Farm for us.

Part 2 tomorrow !

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