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March 3, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Estate’s breaking ground water supply, 1903

Water Supply_2 as jpegWater Supply_1 as jpegAbout once a week for 2014, I’m aiming to blog snippets of Apley history, building up & sharing our Apley archives. This week, it’s the Apley Estate’s breaking ground (please excuse the pun) water supply which was installed in 1903.

Stephen Dewhirst of the Broseley Local History Society kindly shared this article he found in The Engineer 1903, describing the Apley Estate’s water pump as at the forefront of technology at the time. Think of this – this is pre First World War. The Second Boer War (1899-1902) had only just finished. The pump house has now been converted into a home & being now on a country lane toward the edge of the Estate, you’d never guess it had been there.

The attached article says the plant at Harrington was notable as it was (at that time) the largest in the country, operated by gas engines [they were making gas by burning coal, pre North Sea oil gas in the 1970s]. The yield of water was over 600,000 gallons in 24hrs.

Stephen wrote to me: “There was a separate supply for the Apley Estate from the water works at Harrington.  This may have been a condition of the works being built on Estate land. This was possibly superseded by the ram pumps, used to supply the Hall at Apley Forge. Ram pumps were very popular water powered pumps used to supply drinking water to domestic dwellings.  The ones at the Apley Forge were made by Crump of Bridgnorth … presumably it was a local foundry. They are still made: see ”


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