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March 17, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Daffodils @ Apley

2014-03-15, Air Ambulance ball at Stanley Hall 2Spring’s really here, though I wish we’d had some cold weather to kill off the viruses – I’ve now got my 3rd or 4th cold this season ! There’s an Apley daffodil promotion currently on at the Farm Shop; the first calves are out in the fields & fertiliser is being spread almost everywhere (impossible to miss really).

We had a back to back weekend: On Saturday in Apley Farm Shop, Lydia of the Little Red Hen Cake Company (, based near Shrewsbury) was offering customers tasters of her delicious Aga baked liqueur cakes on Saturday. I tasted one on my way I to The Creamery Café to meet Shropshire’s royal journalist Shirley Tart about a church fundraising event she’s organising there on 14 June. Next, in the Conference Room I ran through spreadsheets with our head gardener to measure Apley walled garden’s contribution to Apley farm shop in 2013.

Later, we then went to a fundraising ball for the West Midlands Air Ambulance on Saturday night. Fantastically, it raised £58,000, importantly as they receive no external government or lottery funding at all, yet save so many lives. They have 3 helicopters flying 3-4 times a day on missions. Their statistics are interesting:

2014-03-15, Lydia's cakes at AFSWhen I got back to london on Sunday night, a helicopter hovered right over our local streets (without headlights on which I thought was odd), for about 10-15 mins, probably looking for someone ? Nothing to do with the High Commission in the next street. Clearly on a different budget to the Air Ambulance.

Britain make more cheese varieties than France now, so I’m told. That’s quite something we should celebrate, so this week I’m just looking into sourcing some new cheeses for the Apley Farm, Shop delicatessen counter !

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