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March 25, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Photo of Apley ferry across the River Severn

2014-03-24, Apley ferry B&W photo, Dennis Price's photoThis must have been taken between approx. 1877 & 1905. I say 1877, as that was when the flood photo was taken which I blogged earlier this Spring & when some of the earliest photos were taken. And 1905 as that was when the private Apley suspension bridge was built.

Dennis Price was given it by Brigadier Goulburn. He kindly made a copy, framed it & put it in Apley Forge Cottage, our first Apley Holiday Cottage. It was only when I was working in the cottages this weekend that I really noticed it. It’s the first really clear one I’ve seen. The boathouse is still there & it’s still possible to make out the wharf / landing point on the far bank.

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