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April 1, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Can I speak to the Manager

2014-03-07, Apricot blossom

Gavin Real, General Manager at Apley Farm Shop, had that sinking moment on Sunday when someone transferred a call to him saying that a customer wanted to speak with the manager & provide some feedback. He admits he was a bit worried & jumped to everything that could have gone wrong – but luckily it was his assumptions which were wrong !  The lady had telephoned to say what an amazing day she had had. They had visited Scotty’s, Lotties & the Creamery Cafe for Mothers’ Day lunch. They loved everywhere, said it was a brilliant atmosphere, friendly staff & great products. They singled out Joanne Cole for being especially brilliant.

If we ever notice that a customer hasn’t been to Apley for a while, we contact them to ask them for their feedback. One such lady just wrote this to Gavin (Hamilton) on Saturday 29 March: “Just to let you know that we had a completely different experience when we came to Apley on Saturday for breakfast. We were expected and greeted personally, a table had been set for us including cutlery of an appropriate size for our granddaughters. The service was exemplary and the food excellent. Thank you from all of us for your generosity – it was very much appreciated – our confidence has been restored. Our daughter, son in law and two granddaughters had a really enjoyable time afterwards in the children’s farm too.”

PS this is the lovely apricot blossom in the Courtyard just opposite the Pigg’s Playbarn entrance. Unless we have late frosts, we may have another good crop this year. Last year, we were astonished how many it produced.


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