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April 27, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

50 years of gamekeeping at Apley

2014-04-27, Apley Park fun ride, VS&O jumping in triplets on Simon, Ben & Henry2014-04-26, Fred Cooke's retirement party

On Saturday night, we celebrated 50 years as Fred Cooke retired as one of our gamekeepers. The Apley Park shoot has been named as 1 of the top 10 in the country. Lucky for us, Fred will continue to live on the Estate (I believe !), so we can continue to benefit from his immense experience & expertise built up over half a decade. Thank you again Fred (& Pauline !) for your dedication & hard work for so long !

This morning, the Albrighton Hunt organised another fabulous fun ride in our own Apley Park today. So much fun for us all, particularly to be riding round our own park over great jumps which are only there once a year. I felt a wonderful sense of relief, having got all 3 girls to ride at a level high enough to canter off together round a cross country course, clearing every fence (not always the first time, it must be said !) whatever the size or shape of the jump or the pony (we have a small, medium & large pony). Gavin took Francis on foot, to watch from strategic points. It was the same relief I felt when Francis really began speaking as well as understanding French like his sisters. A sense of achievement, that I’d helped them all achieve something fun & useful, to similar levels, that I’d been fair to them all.


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