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May 7, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Jousting film footage on Shropshire Star’s website


Click here to read the Shropshire Star’s jousting film footage & their report on the day. What a great day it was ! Next event is Open Farm Sunday on 8 June. Free admission. More on that tomorrow.

As well as the quick collage of my photos I’ve compiled, here’s Adrian Caddy (who came all the way from Sussex for the day) with Paralympian archer Danielle Brown who together inspired many jousting visitors to have a go. It was obviously really special to have Danielle there – I think it was the first time a 3 times word champion archer has visited Apley !

By late afternoon, all my electronic devices’ batteries were flat or very nearly flat, so I tried using my ipad to snap a photo of Danielle & Adrian in action – but then even the ipad didn’t work properly ! Why do these things fail often just when you need them most !?

Elizabeth Beckett Skincare just commented: “I had some lovely comments about the event as people came into the shop yesterday! Having been here at Apley Farm Shop for a month (setting up and then opening), I’ve seen just how much effort the whole team have put in to the Jousting day so well done; all the hard work paid off !”

Someone on Facebook just added: “All the family had a great day out, shall certainly come again if its on next year”

2014-05-03, Second Apley Jousting Fair, photo collage



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