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May 15, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Lord Hamilton on Salvage Hunters last night

1 June 2013, view over the River Severn from near Stone Cottages

We’ve just taken a booking for Linley Station House from someone who saw Lord Hamilton (Gavin) on Salvage Hunters on Quest TV last night ! Drew Pritchard met Gavin & bought a Apley mirror & wardrobe. I must admit I felt a bit sad when I saw them on television last night being carried away, never to be used by a Hamilton again … But Gavin was very happy, so was Drew.

Firstly Quest TV was much better than I’d previously thought & secondly, it’s great that someone new is coming to enjoy an Apley Holiday Cottage. It’s truly an idyllic spot.

I was just settling down to watching Gavin & Drew, when Octavia telephoned from school to say hello. You can imagine how excited & surprised she was when I said ‘I’m just waiting for Daddy to to appear on television’. So she, Sybilla & their fellow boarders gathered round to catch a glimpse …

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