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June 27, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Walled Garden volunteers

20140-06-22, AWG by Phil - mixed salad 20140-06-22, AWG by Phil - Aerial view 3 2014-06-19, AWG volunteers 1It’s 5 days until the next OPEN TOUR of the Walled Gardens on Tuesday 1 July, 10-11.30am. If you’d prefer an after-work tour, so text Phil on I love this Apley Walled Garden volunteers’ report & photo I’ve just received: “We have been ‘laying (straw) carpet’ between the fruit bushes in the fruit pen to try & stop the pesky weeds returning day after day, week after week. We then carried on general hoeing & weeding across the site which is an ongoing Summer task. In the heat of the day, it’s a few degrees higher inside the walls than outside, as the sun bounces back and forth across the garden. The flower borders are beginning to look spectacular, a new addition this year to colour up the centre section of the garden. Here we have sunflowers (their favourite happy flower), Sweet William, Nasturtiums, violas & many more to add to the crescendo in the forthcoming weeks.

Phil (Head Gardener) also sent me these spectacular aerial photos of the gardens, showing the incredible progress made in just over 1 year.

At home, we eat mountains of Apley’s delicious mixed salad leaves daily – I especially love the appetising edible flowers mixed in – pansies here.


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