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June 30, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Sad news from Apley & Norton

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI hardly had a moment to blog over the May half term – children at home, holiday cottages booked & busy, same at the Farm Shop – and now it’s nearly the Summer holidays which are 8 times longer ! But amongst all the Apley activity, we lost 4 Apley residents within 2-3 weeks. First, Victoria Lamb died of cancer, a horsey neighbour living in 1 of our Apley cottages. Then Olivia Parton died of leukaemia, after a long fight against it. Then without any warning, our housekeeper of 7 years, Fiona Webb (in photo here, ages ago, with her dog Nell), literally died overnight of a pulmonary embolism on Thursday 22 May. Then only 5 days later, Bert Powell died 27 May aged 80+.

They were all very special people in their different ways who contributed to local life on the Apley Estate. Whilst out on a hack with our girls one morning just a few weeks before she died, I caught up briefly with a very cheerful Victoria when I saw her with her horses. The whole village had been willing Olivia back to full health for months & months, so the community really shared her family’s loss. I’m sure her brothers Alex & Matthew will be of great comfort to her parents. I’ve never forgotten a 9 yr old school friend dying of leukaemia, but even though that was year ago, medical advances in that field were insufficient to have saved Olivia. Fiona‘s death was completely unexpected to everyone. She helped us so much at home & with our holiday cottages – it seems very odd not having her around. Funeral proceeds from her family & friends are being donated to the very crucial work of the Midlands Air Ambulance. I’d interviewed Bert in 2007 & blogged some notes from that interview earlier this year. He grew up on the Estate – his nephew Dave Powell is one of our gamekeepers & he has numerous grandchildren living close by too. There are few left of his generation, giving me greater inspiration & impetus to continue my archive project.

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  1. daphne / Jul 8 2014 4:25 pm

    This is how she will always be remembered.

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