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July 5, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

The summer holidays are nearly here

2014-07-01, Francis in Porchester Square with sprinkler2014-06-21, riding in Apley Park (2)People very often kindly ask how our children are & looking back at my blog recently, I noticed I’ve hardly mentioned them. Thankfully, they’re all really well & looking forward to the long summer holidays. We’ve had such a lovely June, I’m quite hopeful of the kind of summer I remember having when I was their age (but I mustn’t speak too soon !).

Sybilla (13) & Octavia (13) start at a new school in September. Venetia (nearly 9) & Francis continue at their London schools, where we cycle everywhere (Francis on a trailer bike) & hardly use the car, which is bliss. When home, all the girls ride as much as possible & when at school do almost every sport you can think of. They play the piano & violin & all speak French with our au pair – though they’ll hopefully be building up their Spanish a bit more this Summer. Francis occasionally mentions he’d like to ride our smallest pony, but hasn’t yet shown much interest ! He’s still more into balls, books & trains.

I have taken some lovely photos recently, a couple shared here, of the lovely sunsets, of the children on warm early summer evenings, blissful times with their ponies, late evening rides, the hosepipe on the slide & the sprinkler in the park before school.


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