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July 7, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Walled Garden vegetables

2014-07-05, Apley Walled Garden pine trees felled

Cucumber AWGApley Walled Garden vegetables are essential in any Summer picnic in this lovely weather we’re having. We took some to the school speech & sports day on Saturday, along with local strawberries, cream & meringues by Merangz which are truly something else (soft inside, crispy outside, delicious flavours & they just look so amazing too).

The Walled Garden veg sold very well last Saturday at the Shrewsbury Food Festival last weekend. 2014-07-03 Walled Garden Display 1These are our ridged cucumbers (Femspot variety), are perfect for you Pimms Cocktail – with mint from our herb garden in the farm shop courtyard.

Help yourself & take the bunch to any of the herbs (great when freshly cut on your salads) to be weighed at the cash till.

I took the children riding in Apley Park on Saturday night, to try out some new jumps. We parked by the huge log piles of about 30 Norway Spruce trees (possibly originally planted as Christmas trees) which have been felled from the Walled Garden’s shelter belt. They fell like dominoes in storms in February. They will be replanted with native hardwood trees. It was a blissful evening, apart from the flies swarming in the woods, attracted to the ponies.

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