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July 11, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley bridge renovations continue

2014-07-02, Apley Bridge renovationsBridge repairs 2014All the boards & bearers are being removed to allow the inspection, cleaning, preparing & re-painting of Apley Bridge which after 109 years (built in 1905) is beginning to show its age.

All the deck boards will be replaced as part of this work & those which aren’t too broken or rotten will be re-used in Apley Walled Garden for raised beds & edging of beds.

The bearers, most of which are split (they’re no good if they are split as they won’t grip a nail) or rotten or both, will also be replaced. Those which are in good condition will be kept as spares or used as kerbing on the bridge after the estate team has put a chamfer along the long side.

The bridge is closed to all traffic – whether on foot, bicycle or vehicle – until further notice and is, in any event, always a private bridge with no public access.


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