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July 16, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

It’s National Cherry Day !

Cherry image 2Today, Wednesday 16 July,  is National Cherry Day !

There are endless cake & pudding recipes using cherries – cherry icecream, cherry yoghurt, cherry pavlova, cherry crumble, cherry compote, cherry fruit salad, cherry tarte, cherry sorbet, cherry cheesecake, cherry scones, cherry pancakes, cherry jam, cherry vodka or cherries dipped in chocolate. Have you ever tried pickling cherries ? Why not try the lesser known savoury recipes using cherries such as cherry sauce to serve with duck. Also try pork chops with cherry mustard or pork tenderloin with cherry & chilli salsa. Why not try cherry omelette or cherries mixed into a brown rice salad with apples & walnuts. Personally, I’d enjoy any of those recipes, but best of all is just fresh !

Cherries have multiple health benefits: As well as 10 cherries making up one of your five a day, apparently they are nutritious, helping you fight off illness being a rich source of antioxidants, insomnia, migraines, stress, pain & ageing – sounds worth eating to me ! The Romans first brought cherries from Persia & introduced them here in Britain.  Some even say that ancient roads can be traced from the spots where marching Romans spat out there seeds & caused a new tree to grow ! But over the last 50 years we’ve seen a decline in our cherry orchards which means we now import around 95% of all cherries.

So the main goal of National Cherry Day is to raise awareness about the need to maintain our traditional orchards. If everyone eats one home-grown cherry each, the future of British cherries will be looking up in no time ! Cherries have a short growing season & you’ll find them in most warm climates, peaking in the Summer months, except of course in Australia when they peak at Christmas. Cherry blossom is a beautiful addition to any garden, so why not plant your very own cherry tree & have your own home grown supply. Be quick to get them before the birds though !


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