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September 3, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Lockley ewes’ milk cheese made in Shropshire by Mr Moyden

I recently caught up with some Shropshire friends who have been working on the development of a new ewes milk cheese. They sent me these wonderful photos, which really help explain what they’re doing, how & where.

Their inspiration came from tasting Berkswell sheep cheese from Warwickshire & holidays in Spain eating manchego & other wonderful sheep cheeses. Having done some work experience at Berkswell & Paxton & Whitfield making & selling cheese, they started speaking to Martin Moyden (Shropshire cheesemaker) about 4 years ago. Without his encouragement, they say they could have never have gone ahead & made the investment in the Pitchford Estate sheep dairy.

WP_20140531_037 WP_20140531_031 WP_20140505_005 WP_20140414_027 WP_20140702_005 WP_20140702_001Very in keeping with Apley’s local ethos is that the whole supply chain from farm field to cheese board is within a radius of about 30 miles thanks to Mr Moyden & Apley Farm Shop. James Nason explained “The exciting development of high quality farm shops in Shropshire such as Apley has also created a truly local market for Martin’s cheeses. Shropshire is very fortunate to be blessed with some of the best farm shops & local food heroes in the UK. ” He told me that the sheep don’t as such have names but some characters have developed with the flock & have been named by the milking team. So they now have a Shirley & a Badger! The sheep are Friesland & Zwartbles, so are black & white to match Pitchford Hall & the style of the Elizabethan houses of Shrewsbury. They were therefore delighted when Martin told us that he was calling his blue ewe cheese – Shrewsbury Blue. James concluded “We can now boast an amazing cheese board all made in Shropshire, having some of the best sheep, goat & cow cheeses of any county in England”.

Drop in to Apley’s delicatessen counter & try some – it’s delicious to have at home or to take as a present from Shropshire when away visiting family & friends. I love it with Peter’s yard crackers & Pimhill oatcakes – which are now essentials in our kitchen !

2014-08-01, Lockley cheese by Mr Moyden 1 (1)You may have already read about it in The Shropshire Star or on, but also The Farmer magazine covered it on page 1, 14 & 15  which you  can read by clicking here.

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