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September 8, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Funghi walk with Bob Thomas

Boletus cep imageBullace imageBob Thomas regularly gives guided walks in Shropshire, sharing his wealth of experience on country & nature issues, He has twice before led walks at Apley Farm Shop & emailed me saying it’s recently saying it’s a good time of year for another funghi walk.

Already there are wild horse mushrooms in the meadows and I have seen the first of the boletus  cep (pictured here).  Also lots of wild damson/bullace are now fruiting.  The Apley Estate has some very old hedgerow.

Wikipedia gave me some help here to describe the difference (there’s not much) between bullace, damsons & sloes: The bullace is a variety of plum like a damson, but round not oval like plums. “They can be either “white” (i.e. yellow or green) or “black” (i.e. blue or purple) in colour, and ripen up to six weeks later in the year. Though smaller than most damsons, bullaces are much larger than the closely related sloe”.

Nature’s harvest will be over quickly, so call him on 07899 65 83 83 or email him on if you’d like to join one of his walks.

I have to share with you my 2 favourite jokes – they’re the only ones I can usually remember when asked for a good joke ! Why did the mushroom get invited to the party – because he was such a fun-gi. Why could the fungus not go to the party – because there wasn’t mush-room. I remember crying with laughter the first time I heard them 20 yrs ago !

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