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September 22, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Bottle Top project & tractor tyres at Pigg’s Playbarn

2014-09-15, Pigg's Playbarn bottle top boards (2)

It’s taken ages to get them all finished, but at last all the bottle top boards are done, spelling Pigg’s Playbarn & we’re really pleased with the effect. It shows what a lot of drinks (especially milk) have been consumed in our family & the Creamery Café & by some of our customers who’ve kindly donated their bottle tops. But what a great art & craft project too, which may make them think about how they can tread lightly on our planet, reduce waste levels & recreate new things from old.

Sorry the apostrophe is missing. I am very keen on perfect grammar, so I’ll get it hung as soon as it’s been tracked down (I’m sure we did one !). We may now invite local schools to complete a segment of a great big caterpillar made from bottle tops. More on that another time though.

In the meantime, our eldest daughters & our Spanish au pair spent some of their spare time (when it was dry enough) this Summer painting these huge tractor tyres to go in the outdoor play space of Pigg’s Playbarn.

Children love playing on them, so together with the bottle top project, I feel these are 2 great recycling projects (something I’m very keen on !).

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