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October 9, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Make long term lifestyle changes with STARTfit & Apley Farm Shop

me5 SFlogoNatasha Minnikin (photographed here) lives very locally to the Farm Shop & called me this week to tell me about her health & fitness company Startfit. Apley Farm Shop is pleased to be offering discount vouchers to her clients. Here are some extracts from the summary she sent me of Startfit’s work:

“STARTfit is a programme specialising in weight loss, body transformation & long term lifestyle change.  “We are working locally to help reduce the significant increase in type II diabetes, obesity and coronary heart disease that is causing so many Shropshire men & women pain & discomfort, & preventing them from leading a happy, healthy vibrant lives”.

The founder of STARTfit, Natasha Minnikin, is a practitioner in NLP and CBT as well as being a Master Personal Trainer, and it is the amalgamation of these skill sets that makes STARTfit truly unique.  Her 12 week body transformation package focuses on changing mind-sets through workshops, not just fitness programming, to make real long-term, lifestyle change. Local men & women have already seen incredible results:

I definitely feel more energetic and motivated and the measured improvement in my physical condition at the end of 12 weeks was astounding. There is also a real “feel good” factor that stays with me through every day and helps keep me motivated to continue with the programme. Rob Hill, Newport.

For more details, visit

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