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October 19, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

The Farming Year at Apley

2014-10-14, rolls

Linking it to Apley Farm Shop, my intention is to try to track the Apley Estate farming progress throughout the next 12 months, starting with these photos taken by Ian Edwards, one of our farm workers.

“The process for preparing the ground is stubble cultivation or scuffling. We usually use a Discaerator, which works the soil and sows the stubble turnips at the same time. Growth rate depends on the weather. If it’s very dry they grow slowly. Normally though I would say you can start animals grazing on them in November/December time.

The Discaerator breaks up the sub soil, and uses 2 rows of discs to work a tilth (soil) ready to sow. It is working up last year’s oil seed rape stubble. The Lemken Drill sows the seed at the calibrated weight per hectare, and will also work the soil ready for planting. The rolls are used to firm the soil up around the seed to aid germination and to conserve moisture in dry times. The photo of the wheat field is at Apley Home Farm which was recently sowed. The photo of the Oil seed rape field is also at Apley Home Farm. It was sown in September but due to the dry time it is slow to germinate, and will hopefully get going now we have had some rain.”2014-10-14, oil seed rape, Apley Home Farm 2014-10-14, Lemken drill 2014-10-14, Discaerator 2014-10-14, wheat, Apley Home Farm

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