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October 31, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Medlars & last cookery club at Apley Farm Shop


Tomorrow, Sat 1 Nov, 10-11.30am in the Conference room at Apley Farm Shop, Rae Parnham will host our last ever club in its current form. It combines October (homemade alcohol), November (Christmas table decorations) & December (party canapés). We have some cookery master class ideas for 2015, so do come along to hear more & say au revoirs.

Whilst chatting about foodie things, I must mention that Apley Farm Shop is very privileged to be now stocking medlars – which are rather like quinces. They’re very unusual & great for making jelly to accompany game or pork. They’re produced by Fiona Thompson on her farm near Bridgnorth, which has the National Collection of Medlars, including 10 different varieties. Fiona filled me in recently with these details:

“Medlars originated from the Middle East and have been in cultivation since the Greek and Roman times.  They were particularly popular in Victorian times being made into a sweet meat or eaten raw (once bletted ie left to rot which converts the starch to sugar) with cream and sugar. They make an excellent jelly, delicious either on toast or served with game or pork.  I also use them in a chocolate vacherin, replacing the sweetened chestnut with sweetend bletted (slightly over ripe) medlars.

Our  Medlar collection started in  2006 along with the Quince collection. Whilst there is another collection of Quinces at Norton Abbey near Liverpool we have the only Medlar one.  It is a very under rated tree with pretty pink flushed white flowers in the spring and leaves that turn a wonderful golden colour in autumn.  Man has not developed these trees to a great extent, only succeeding in a few different varieties, most obviously differing in the size of fruit.”


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