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January 9, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Taste of Tanzania coffee, from the Bridgnorth Endowed School

Taste of Tanzania coffee - the Bridgnorth Endowed School team

Taste of Tanzania coffee – the Bridgnorth Endowed School team

Farm I should have written about this months ago when Apley Farm Shop first started selling the Taste of Tanzania coffee. After our Christmas Food Fair when I caught a moment to chat with them, they sent me some details which I’ve summarised below, explaining what this wonderful project is all about:

A group of sixth formers from Bridgnorth Endowed School got together to raise money for the children at our partner school in Tanzania, the Umonga Secondary. They are aiming to produce quality as well as delicious coffee bags to sell, of which all profits will go towards providing the students in Tanzania at least one meal a day. Their organic, full bodied coffee bags are individually wrapped for maximum freshness. The coffee beans we use are grown near the school in Tanzania which means that not only do consumers get the real ‘Taste of Tanzania’, but they also support Tanzanian farmers to help enable them to continue their trade. This means that they can offer their customers a high quality cup of coffee that is as ethical as it is delicious.

Their journey began in 2013 when local entrepreneur & owner of The Little Coffee Bag Co. Carrie Bate approached the school and provided them with the concept of the coffee bag & all of the resources needed to get our social enterprise up & running. After her visit they all had a strong belief in the potential of the business and they founded Taste of Tanzania. Taste of Tanzania is unique in that, unlike any of Bridgnorth Endowed School’s previous projects, they aim to provide a reliable, ongoing source of finance. This allows them to make a long-term difference to the lives of the children in Tanzania. In June 2014 they launched their business at Peepos, a local restaurant in our home-town Bridgnorth. Since then they have launched their coffee at Apley Farm Shop & look forward to expanding our coffee further. We hope that our relationship with the Umonga Secondary School will continue to flourish and that they will continue selling our coffee bags for the public to enjoy now and in the future.”

Apley Farm Shop prices: £3.85 for 10 bags & £7.45 for 20 bags

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