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January 27, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

What’s on at Apley in January – find out on this slideshow

Apley woodpecker

Apley woodpecker

Just had another great meeting with my neighbour Amelia who’s helping us get some mini recipe films made this Spring.

In the meantime, click HERE or on the photo to see a silent slideshow I’ve created to show what’s going on in January (what’s left of it !) at Apley Farm Shop.  It’s supposed to be playing on the TV above the cash tills, but I’ve got yet another technical hitch to sort out first ! I better get the February version finished fast.

Did you do any bird watching for the RSPB’s Big Bird Watch ? Francis & Venetia spotted 5 (their list is still to be verified !), but it reminded me to share this amazing photo taken by mother-in-law, Corinna, Lady Hamilton of Dalzell of a woodpecker on the Apley Estate. Venetia & I heard one making a racket when we rode through Apley Park the weekend before last, totally undisturbed by us riding past.

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