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March 4, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

British Pie Week at Apley Farm Shop

Steak & ale pie with seasonal veg & gravy

Steak & ale pie with seasonal veg & gravy

You could say half-pie (ie half-baked) to coin a phrase, as I know we’re already half way through British Pie Week, but Apley Farm Shop is still celebrating the second half !

Rebecca’s just updated me & said we have all sorts of pies on our menu in The Creamery Café this week including Head Chef Martin’s Shepherd’s pie(£8.95), Sous Chef Matthew’s steak and Apley Ale pie(£8.95), fish pie (£8.95) and chicken and mushroom pie(£7.95).  Pies have stood the test of time & were originally called coffyns. The first reference to “Pyes” as food appeared in England as early as the 12th century.  

To make your own, drop into our butcher & select some meat or pick up a readymade pie from our Delicatessen counter. Enjoy either with Apley Walled Garden vegetables – which you’ll see for yourself if you sign up to one of Phil’s private tours or gardening courses – more on that later this week. 

On the subject of food, I’m a roasted seed lover – I’ve been meaning to mention for ages that I can’t enough of The Food Doctor seeds which I ate for years before I discovered Wil’s Smokehouse seeds which you can buy online, but as Apley nows stocks Mr Filbert’s delicious seeds, I’m hooked on them ! Try them – unusually, they come in sweet & savoury flavours. Our children adore them too, so much that I have to stash them away !

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