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March 6, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Photography competition judge

Anna Henly photographer

Ice matters, by Anna Henly

Ice matters, by Anna Henly

Wildlife photographer of the Year

At last I caught up with Anna Henly a couple of nights ago when she’d just got back from a skiing trip in Zermatt where she was leading members of the Ski Club of Great Britain. She’s a childhood friend who has already done far more with her life than most people. Being the most intrepid explorer I know, it’s enabled her to take some truly extraordinary photographs.

I’m delighted to say she’s offered to be our virtual (as she’s Edinburgh based) photography competition judge.

When Francis was 3 in 2012, he & I went to meet her in the Natural History Museum, where she was being interviewed by BBC Radio 2 for the Claudia Winkleman Arts Show about her award for this amazing polar bear photo (Ice Matters), which featured in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012 exhibition. I remember in the museum, to my embarrassment, Francis called out enthusiastically in the very quiet gallery during Anna’s interview recording – “Look at this one Mummy, look !”

Anna will view the entries remotely, without knowing names or ages of entrants, & judge them drawing on her wealth of experience, described below. But first, look at the staggering photos on her website, BLOG & Facebook page.

From an Edinburgh newspaper:

Anna Henly says she inherited her passion for discovery from her parents [who still live not far from Apley Farm Shop], who loved nature and adventure. Since the age of nine – when she was given her first camera – she’s tried to combine all three.

So after a mechanical engineering degree, she has gone on to become an award-winning photographer, journeying to some of the remotest places in the world to capture the best shots. In 2007 and 2012 she won awards in the prestigious global BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition thanks to pictures of an Arctic fox and a polar bear, but as well as wildlife, she spends weeks working offshore for oil companies taking photos of rigs and installations.

She has hung out of helicopters and snapped under water to get her image. Her talent is to capture and contrast the power of man-made industry with the fragility of nature. “

And from her website: “She has won over 30 awards from the Master Photographers’ Association (Scotland). In March 2007 she was delighted to win the trophy for the “Open” award which is for commercial/industrial/PR/art and illustrative photography. She has won this prestigious award no less than three times in five years……And in March 2008 she was named “Monochrome Photographer of the Year”.

In 2007 she was honoured with an award in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, the most prestigious wildlife photography competition in the world. The competition attracted 32,000 entries from photographers worldwide. Visitors to the exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London and website, voted her captivating picture of an Arctic fox into first place! The famous fox has been included in the permanent collection at the new National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. She couldn’t believe it when her image of a polar bear “Ice Matters” won the “World in our Hands” category in the 2012 WPOY competition. “

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