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March 13, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Mothers’ Day at Apley Farm Shop’s Creamery Cafe


2015-01-19, Creamery Cafe Afternoon tea 19 2015-01-19, Creamery Cafe Afternoon tea 31

This Sunday, it’s Mothers’ Day & at Apley Farm Shop’s Creamery Café & Function room we’re offering 12-4pm Afternoon Teas & 3 course lunches. Whilst our chef & his team have been getting ready, I asked a few mothers & their children what they mean to each other.

What they most like about being a mother:

  • They remind me daily of life’s essentials – food, shelter, love, laughter
  • Their needs are fairly simple – food, warmth & attention
  • They’re unconditionally affectionate & loving
  • Children get straight to the point – eg that man over there has ripped trousers Mummy !
  • They make me laugh daily
  • Keeps me fit & on my toes
  • My teenagers keep me feeling young, even if I don’t look it !
  • After my life, I’m leaving something behind to live on & enjoy what we’ve begun

Another mother added: “I personally thank all my children for allowing me to gain the experience of being a mum (as I often say to them no one takes you off and teaches you how to be a good mum – we can only do what we think is the right thing to do) we all have to learn together parents and children alike.”

And here are some replies some now-grown-up children:

A 34 yr old son said: “I would just say I love my mum more than anything in the world. My preference is a loving hug and sharing her company. I would also tell her how much I love her and how thankful we are for everything she does for us.

A 32yr old daughter said: “There are not enough words to describe what my mum means to me so here goes – My mum is beautiful, funny, caring, loving, my best friend the one to make me laugh and who now gives me the confidence to be a mum myself. If I am half the mum to my little girl that my mum has been to me I will be over the moon. My mum is quite simply Mary Poppins – practically perfect in every way.

I’ll ask some younger children & add their replies, which no doubt will be rather funny !

To make a booking in The Creamery, just call 01952 730 345 or email


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