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April 4, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Walled Garden news

Red Boar kale

Red Boar kale

Green leaf spinach

Green leaf spinach


Heritage carrots

Apley Walled Garden is coming to life again this Spring. I’ve just caught up with Phil Allen, Head Gardener who now has available this week parsnips, spinach (red & green leaf), Red Boar kale, carrots, rocket, mizuna & radishes (round red Sparklers, white icicles & purple Malaga varieties).

In the melon pit, he’s planted tomatoes, lettuces, endives, broad beans & flowers for the Creamery Café (flock & carnations).  In the polytunnel, pak choi, amarynth & mixed salad leaves. Some of the Apley Estate Yard team are renovating one of the original greenhouses this week with new glass & some wood repairs (the latter are limited, as it’s lasted so well). That’s a great step forward & long awaited. It’ll make a big difference to the garden & to Phil’s production capacity.

Apley Estate Yard are making up boxes for the Creamery Café window sills, which will be planted with herbs, to touch all customers’ senses (other than sound of course !). The Norway Spruce trees which fell in the Feb 2014 winds in the shelter belt have been sold to a local timber merchant for fencing.  Phil’s recycling night shelters, no longer required by the gamekeepers (12ft x 5 x 5) to create mini greenhouses (higher than cold frames). A retired teacher, Jonathan, has been volunteering for a few hours a week, for which we’re all very grateful of course, especially Phil ! In April last year, he had 80 tonnes of manure from the Apley Home Farm, which has now matured & has been spread this Spring. Neill Mapes (local woodland artist) has been coppicing nutwood (Corylis). Gavin’s looking into getting some of the stone walls repaired.  Chefs from a few local restaurants have met up with Phil in the garden to plan growing-to-order. The crop reports Rebecca sends out will very soon be illustrated, to facilitate ordering. Wild garlic may be ready in the Apley woods in about 3 week – my favourite !

The next beginners’ gardening course in the Walled Garden is on Wednesday 29 April, 10-4pm. Private tours (min 10 people) are also available from March to October. To book either a course or tour, email or call 01952 730 345 & speak to Rebecca.

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  1. Corinna Hamilton / Apr 4 2015 9:00 am


    I can see that its thriving, Well done, really brilliant


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