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April 16, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Wild garlic time is here again !

2015-04-16, H on Harry, Wild garlic glade dingle

Wild garlic glade dingle

Wild garlic leaf & flower

Wild garlic leaf & flower

Recently I rode a new route on 1 of our ponies & was astounded by the metres & metres of wild garlic carpet around me. It was an ancient dingle in a deep gorge which obviously used to have a much bigger river in it. It was an amazing sight – not captured well here on camera as the pony wouldn’t stand still for long enough ! We also have heaps on the Apley Estate of course too, which our Head Gardener Phil is picking for our Head Chef Martin.

On Apley Farm Shop’s Delicatessen counter this week, we’ll have wild garlic & asparagus recipes, which will of course also be served in the Creamery Café. I adore Wild Garlic soup which is fine as long as it isn’t too concentrated. Wild garlic & potato soup for example is very good.

For me it’s the height of foraging – like blackberries – free & totally delicious. It’s great for soup, pesto, garlic butter/ bread, or just included in salads. Use the pretty white garlic flowers as a table decoration – then truly nothing’s wasted !

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