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May 6, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Annie’s Reiki centre opens at Apley Farm Shop

Annie's LogoOn Friday 1 May, Annie Leigh opened a Reiki centre at Apley Farm Shop. She has been working with Elizabeth Beckett Skincare over the past year & has taken over Elizabeth’s shop. Annie is a qualified Reiki practitioner with 15 years’ experience, including 4 years working in Tenerife & 6 years in palliative care in Worcester Hospice. As well as Reiki treatments, she also offers Indian head massages & Hopi ear candle treatments.

Annie will also be offering beauty treatments, full body massage & sports massages, as well as selling make-up & Elizabeth Beckett’s moisturizers & creams. Whatever your reasons for coming for Reiki, Annie can help you in the way that is right for you. Her treatments promote feelings of well-being, in keeping with the Apley Farm Shop ethos of healthy living.

Annie Leigh has 15 years’ experience under her belt. Annie is a qualified Reiki practitioner, holding a Diploma in Reiki 1, 2 & Master. I.N.H. (Dip I.H.M., I.N.H, T.A.T). She sent me these details below of her treatments:


Reiki £35 (1 hour)

Reiki means ‘universal life force energy’. It is an ancient hands-on healing technique which is simple, but powerful in its results & the benefits can be felt immediately. Reiki helps to balance the flow of energy throughout the body & so encourages the restoration of health on all levels – physical, mental & emotional.

Physical benefits: 

It accelerates the healing process, by supporting the body’s own natural ability to heal itself.

Mental/emotional benefits: 

It’s a wonderfully relaxing soothing treatment that calms the mind & clears away stress. It can also promote changing of negativity into positive & productive thought patterns.

Indian head massage £35 (45 minutes)

Indian head massage is a simple, yet effective massage of the head, neck, upper back, arms, shoulders & face with the purpose of manipulating the energy centres where tension is most likely to accumulate.

It brings about a feeling of well-being, calmness & relaxation, improved joint mobility & higher levels of alertness & concentration.

Hopi ear candles £35 (1 hours)

Hopi ear candles come from the Hopi Indians of Nor & are made from the natural ingredients, drawing any impurities to the surface where they can be gently removed. They can be used in the treatment of many problems, including ear wax build up, blocked sinuses, headaches, colds & flu & is completely pain free. Afterwards you will receive a relaxing face massage to enhance the effect of the candles.”

Hotties (aroma packs)

The modern aroma pack is a mixture of grain & herbs in a fabric cover, which will mould itself around all parts of the body. The pack is simply heated in the microwave, shaken & then placed on the affected area for instant relief. The aroma pack also alleviates headaches, arthritic & rheumatic pain & aids restful sleep.

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