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May 29, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Lamb koftas from Apley’s butcher

Apley kofta lamb kebabs

Apley kofta lamb kebabs

If you’re wondering what to have for supper on Saturday or even for Sunday lunch, try Apley butcher’s lamb koftas which were very tasty indeed – with a real tinge of mint – pictured here. We tried them a couple of weeks agao & the children loved them.

The week before, Gavin had cooked some local venison. By chance, I’d give some to a friend who emailed me on the same evening saying “We have the venison last night. It was spectacular. THANK YOU, THANK YOU…… “

Currently, my weekday favourite on the delicatessen counter just next door is the smoked ham with ‘Mike’s  Homemade’ Carrot & cardamom chutney – totally scrummy.

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