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May 31, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Summer filming at Apley

2015-05-30, Agata Summer film, bee swarm in Sweet William

Swarm of bees in the Sweet William

2015-05-30, Agata Summer film, chickens

Hen lying on 2 eggs

2015-05-30, Agata Summer film, oil seed rape 1

Path through a field of oil seed rape

2015-05-30, Agata Summer film, Adrian & Agata cows

A new bull which had just arrived that morning, was put in with the cows

AgWa Media came for the second time on Saturday to film life on the Apley Estate. We had great weather & some fabulous chance meetings. For example, we had hoped to film the honey making process, but only got to see the hives (I stood next to someone in a blue shirt which the bees really liked, one got into my hair & stung me). But instead, when visiting Apley Walled Garden, there just happened to be a swarm of bees in Phil’s Sweet William flowers.

Then we’d thought Summer means picnics & by chance we spotted a family having a picnic in the field at Apley Farm Shop.

By chance a new bull arrived that morning & had been put in with the cows just before we arrived. Starting with the oil seed rape gave Agata hay fever for the rest of the day poor thing. It was a great day, giving a real snapshot of life on the Apley Estate in the Spring. More tomorrow.

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