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June 30, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Farm Shop – Barbecue meats, strawberries & Merangz

2015-06-30, Butcher BBQ pack (1)

Apley BBQ packs

2015-06-30, Wimbledon strawberry display (10)

Strawberries – half price cream with 2 punnets

2015-06-30, Wimbledon strawberry display (4)

Wimbledon display

2015-06-30, Wimbledon strawberry display (8)

Meringues by ‘Merangz’ – perfect with strawberries

2015-06-30, Wimbledon strawberry display (2)Apley Farm Shop is ready for all this lovely sunshine with Apley barbecue packs – BBQ4U – allowing you to select your favourites. English strawberries & raspberries are also here, some from our own Apley Walled Garden. Buy 2 punnets & get your cream half price (valid until 17 July). Combine them with meringues made by Merangz or some of our handmade cakes. All perfect for supper & watching some Wimbledon !

I’ve spotted the cherries are ripening – ready for National Cherry Day on 16 July, just before Apley’s Classic Car Sunday on 19 July.

Last night, I defrosted some venison & made a casserole with Atkins & Potts tomato & basil sauce from Apley Farm Shop (naturally!). We also sell Atkins & Potts roasting kits for chicken their gourmet gravy – the perfect “cheat” for Sunday Lunch (£2.49). 

I’m beginning to use Big Barn more. I’ve only uploaded 2 products (Apley honey & Apley Ale), but at least it’s a start to Apley’s E-commerce. There’s so much going on, it’s quite hard sometimes to get lots of projects done simultaneously ! 

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