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July 7, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Farm Shop news – new products & offers

2015-07-07, Joosed

Joosed juices

2015-07-7, Bings heath smoked salmon

Bings Heath smoked salmon

Here are some snippets (another picnic-style blog !) of foodie news from Apley Farm Shop: Firstly, in one of our vegetable chillers, you’ll spot lots of gooseberries, raspberries & blackcurrants which Phil took up to the shop, fresh from Apley Walled Garden this afternoon.

Secondly, celebrating Severn Valley Railway’s 50th anniversary, Hobsons’ have an offer on their Manor Ale, running now until the end of the July (subject to availability): Buy 6 bottles & get a free tankard.

Thirdly, coming soon will be Apley Best Bitter from the Hop & Stagger Brewery. They’ve already developed an Apley ale called Apley Gamekeeper Pale, which you may have tasted on 7 June when they attended Open Farm Sunday with a barrel of beer & some bottled conditioned beer, samples of hops, malted barley & wheat & shared with customers their extensive knowledge of brewing beer.

2015-07-03, Hobsons SVR offer

Hobsons SVR offer on Manor Ale

Fourthly, in the Farm Shop pantry department, for jams & chutneys, pick up a deal on Heather’s Harvest jars – 2 for £7.95 or Mike’s Homemade jars – 2 for £5.

Fifthly, recently at home we’ve enjoyed Apley peppered beef kebabs from the Apley butcher with a salad of Apley Walled Garden iceberg lettuces (no photo sorry, but they look as perfect as any you buy in a supermarket. As a special treat when the girls were home for a weekend, we all had Apley beef steaks which were sooo delicious. Then last Wednesday (our vegetarian night), Venetia made delicious stuffed peppers, helped by our au pair. For lunches, I’m still enjoying the large supply of wild garlic soup which Gavin very kindly made me – though it is now sadly all over for this year – it has such a short season !

Lastly, Hamilton family essentials from our own Apley Farm Shop currently include Joosed juices & Bings Heath smoked Scottish salmon (I love a bit every lunchtime & whenever I’m feeling peckish later afternoon, early evening). Recently, we’ve also enjoyed Apley Walled Garden kale (now over), Quatt asparagus (we’ll have to wait a whole year for that now !), Wenlock Edge Farm antipasti selection, olives & herb loaves – which I hope will be back in stock very soon.

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