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July 20, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Rare breed pork at Apley Farm Shop

img032Shropshire Star April 2015I bumped into the butcher yesterday & will blog photos tomorrow of their handmade pies & sausage rolls. John & Craig, the Apley butchers, are busy developing new lines & products for our Apley customers.

In the meantime, Apley Farm Shop’s butcher stocks meat from the rarest breed (the Large Blacks) of pig in the UK from Cherrington, Shropshire. Back in May Jane Banks wrote to our General Manager a very pig orientated email !: “I have received a very rare litter of British Saddlebacks – from the Colleen line is very, very rare – there are only two sows in the UK now & my friend (who is in his 80s) & I have the last remaining sows.  The Saddleback Society have brought a Grand Duke champion boar to her & we are eagerly awaiting the litter. Also I have the large black Dorothy line which is rare & she is also waiting to pig. My old friend has also gifted me a Diana Large Black & they are even more rare than the Dorothy. ” More on this tomorrow when I’ve chatted with our producers.

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