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August 2, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Fabulous summer film of life on the Apley Estate

2015-05-30, Agata Summer film, Adrian tractor spraying 2

AgWa Media filming on the Apley Estate

Life in the summer time on the Apley Estate has been beautifully captured by Agata of AgWa Media – just click HERE to see what she’s created. Pictures speak louder than words & I feel films say even more. Never before has the Apley Estate been filmed through the seasons like this. I wanted to share this asap as we’ll be working on the Autumn film before we know it (with some mini recipe films in between) !

Having had a lovely day off with our children & their ponies, I’ve just been cleaning up some dusty archives to include in my next Apley Archive exhibition (in The Creamery Cafe, probably 10 Oct). Then I looked at Agata’s film again & realised that in years to come, they’ll be part of my Apley Archive project, which I work on, alongside marketing for Apley Farm Shop & Apley Walled Garden.

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