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August 3, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Estate Office – an insight into how it works

2015-07-22, Rename (1)

GPS tracking system

2015-07-22, Rename (4)

Old maps like these will soon be obsolete

2015-07-22, Rename (2)

New from old – the bright & spacious new Apley Estate Office in a renovated old building (the Old School, Norton)

Traditional country estates are anomalies in today’s world – they’re out of the ordinary, a world which most don’t really understand as there are now so relatively few around & certainly very few large ones. Recently, before I visited the archives department of the old office of Apley Estate, I popped into new Apley Estate office building. New technology contrasts sharply with the old archive documents, such as the GPS tracking system which shows where all the estate vehicles are located at any time. For many months now, two staff members have been busy working on land registry documents, which are now computerised, making our lovely roll-out maps almost obsolete, even though many contain critical underground pipe & waterworks information. It reminds me of a recent blog I wrote about disaster management which assures me that we should definitely keep the old paper copies.

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