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August 11, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Creative writing competition at Pigg’s Playbarn

2015-09-15, Old Farm Photos-3

Mr Pigg senior (c1950), Farm Manager, Apley Estate. Source: J Pigg

2015-09-15, Old Farm Photos-14

Cheese van (c1950), parked between the [now] Apley Farm Shop & Creamery Café. Source: J Pigg

2015-09-15, Old Farm Photos-16

Stockman & herd of cattle (c.1950s) in field above [the now] Apley Farm Shop, where Scotty’s Animal Park is now located. Source: J Pigg

2015-08-19, Creative writing leaflet Do the children who visit Pigg’s Playbarn at Apley Farm Shop ever wonder what adventures Parker & Penny Pigg get up to ? Now’s their chance to write those adventures themselves.

There are 2 age categories: 7 & under & 8-11 years. Entries should be handed in to a member of the Playbarn staff. We’ve extended the deadline to 31 Dec, giving extra time for creativity & inspiration. We have 3 lovely prizes & will publish the winning story on our website.

Remember, the real Pigg family have lived at Astol Farm, across the fields from Apley Farm Shop, for the last 50 yrs, until just before the farm shop was opened. Mr Pigg senior & Mr Pigg junior were both farm managers on the Apley Estate.

John Pigg junior has kindly just shared with me some of his 1950s photos. Here’s his father, Mr Pigg senior, as farm manager. His daughter (John’s sister) Miss Pigg was one of the last people to make the Apley cheese in the building which is now the Creamery Café, hence its name.

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