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August 15, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Beach ride – dream accomplished

2015-08-15, Talacre beach ride, crab & shells 2015-08-15, Talacre beach ride, dunes 2015-08-15, Talacre beach ride, V on Josh, cropped (640x325)2015-08-15, Talacre beach ride, Gavin (480x640)2015-08-15, Talacre beach ride, Francis (sm)Until today I don’t think I’d ever ridden on a beach – it was a dream accomplished – one of those subconscious things I had on my list of 1000 Things to Do whilst I still can. Francis always loves going to the beach & like me, our 3 girls hadn’t ever cantered through the waves & galloped across endless sands, so with a bit of research & diary planning, we managed it today. They loved the absence of hedges to limit speed or distance & as there was almost no-one on the beach, the only thing to avoid (yes, rather critically) was sinking sands (we didn’t find any luckily!). Click here to glimpse the exhilarating fun we all had.

In the meantime, we missed the first ever Apley Dog Show at Apley Farm Shop, but I’ll share photos & news of how it went as soon as I get them tomorrow.

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