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August 18, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Walled Garden chiller

Picnic display

Picnic hamper ideas

Apley Walled Garden veg - Phil's fridge (chiller)

Apley Walled Garden veg – Phil’s fridge (chiller)

Apley Walled Garden vegetables - Eat seasonably !

Apley Walled Garden vegetables – Eat seasonably !

Our beautiful farm shop sometimes gets rather warm on sunny days, with lots of very welcome sunshine shining through the large oak & glass doors. We’ve had a film applied to the windows (I blogged it early this summer), but we also invested in a new chiller (large fridge) especially for our very special Apley Walled Garden produce – including this week’s cuca-melons – a cross between cucumbers & melons. They’re tiny & totally delicious !

2015-07-13, RenameHere’s Phil Phridge (or Fil’s Fridge) for the Apley Walled Garden produce, a lovely picnic (enjoy one on our Skylark Nature Trail whilst the summer lasts !) & veg displays & a rainbow which our children spotted & were convinced it ended on top of our home (until we got home & realised it definitely didn’t!).

Scake - scones made as a cake

Scake – scones made as a cake

Last week, when hunting for yet another family meal in our freezer, I began to have a clear out & found a mystery bag in the bottom freezer drawer which could have been 1) plain flour, 2) scone mix or 3) plain sponge mix. So I added water (too much) & made (by accident) these scakes ! (scones made as cakes).  Perhaps it’s a new Apley recipe ! At least, everyone who’s eaten it has loved it.

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