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August 21, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

New steak pies at Apley Farm Shop

Apley steak pies by butcher John & chef Martin

Apley steak pies by butcher John & chef Martin

2015-08-21, Sybilla on ScoutWhilst I took a day off to take the children to our last pony competition this season, look what John & Martin have been cooking up at Apley Farm Shop today. John Callinswood (butcher) & Martin McKee (chef, Creamery Café) have made these wonderful steak pies (we will be trying one for supper tomorrow).

In the meantime, a client of John wrote to me (I’ve paraphrased it a bit) about a pie for 10 he recently received: “I recently asked John if he could make a large pie for a special occasion & suggested enough for 20 people. On the due date, he produced a magnificent looking pie. When it was put on the table at the party, the response was of astonishment & at the impressive proportions. It lasted only 30 mins before the plate was empty. Guests said it was the best pie they’d ever tasted …

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