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August 25, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Courtyard Shopping at Apley Farm Shop

2015-07-15, Aerial view of Apley Farm Shop with logos

Aerial view of Apley Farm Shop with logos of businesses on site

2015-08-25, New 5x10ft sign by NSigns for A442I find this a very useful aerial view of Apley Farm Shop, when explaining to people who’ve never visited us before what’s on site at Apley now. The aerial view itself is out of date I have to admit (it requires a very long-armed crane), but the logos have been updated to show our newest additions – the Apley Plant Centre & Evelade Chic upcycled furniture (which is fun, full of inspiration & so pretty). Waiting to be put up are some super new roadsides, which say Courtyard Shopping which succinctly sums up what we offer at the end of our lovely lime avenue entrance drive. Here’s some news from a few of our concessions:

I’ve just bought a super polo belt from Lottie’s [fashion for all the family] like this one. Our daughters love wearing theirs with jodhpurs. Lottie’s have a wide selection of colours & sizes.

Photo source:

Photo source:

Have you seen Scotty’s Animal Park‘s new rare breeds of sheep ? They have new flocks of Grey Face Dartmoor, Ouessant, Shropshire & Manx [Isle of Man] Sheep.

Alley Katz toy shop is branching out into homewares – spot their Provence-style herb tins in their shop window.

Apley Plant Centre, which is looking sooooo lovely, has 2 special weekends lined up for this Autumn – 26-27 Sept, Autumn Planting & 24-25 October, Creative Hedging.

On Sat 12 Sept, 10-3pm in the Corn Loft Conference Room at Apley Farm Shop, Evelade Chic will hold a £65 demonstration day & lunch. Call 07980 119 289 to book.

Annie’s Reiki are offering 10 minute massages for neck & shoulder or hand & arm for £5 in Pigg’s Playbarn. Being considered are possibly also ‘baby showers’ in the Conference Room in partnership with The Creamery Cafe.

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