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September 2, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Favourite foods from Apley Farm Shop

Chocolate caramel sauce

Apley Farm Shop quiches (savoury tarts) fresh out of our Creamery Café kitchen oven, sold on our Delicatessen counter

2015-08-18, uncooked quiche

Tart about to be cooked

Chocolate caramel sauce image

Chocolate caramel sauce

Apley Walled Gardens, heritage tomatoes

Apley Walled Gardens, heritage tomatoes

A few of my favourite things from Apley Farm Shop are currently Apley Walled Garden’s heritage tomatoes & crystal lemons (round, yellow cucumbers), these savoury tarts (quiches, whichever name you prefer) from the Delicatessen counter, made in our Creamery Café kitchen & 2) The Cotswold Pudding Company‘s Chocolate Caramel sauce. The latter is so rich, I can only eat it in very small quantities, but it is outstandingly delicious ! As they say, it’s perfect for drizzling over icecream, pancakes, porridge, spread on crusty toast or eaten straight from the jar !

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