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September 20, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Autumn country weekend

2015-09-19, Rename (27)

Country walk after lunch with niece

2015-09-19, Rename (6)

Gorgeous picnic, mostly made by Apley Farm Shop’s Delicatessen & or grown in Apley Walled Garden

2015-09-19, Rename (2)

Friday evening – sunset as we reached Shropshire. We knew a gloriously sunny Saturday was to follow

2015-09-19, Rename (10)

28 for picnic lunch – the children got busy making a dam or den

2015-09-19, Rename (40)

Sunday morning – Autumn mist & dew on cobwebs when I turned out the ponies early

2015-09-19, Rename (30)

Small weir on the river

2015-09-19, Rename (29)

An Apley Estate cottage in the prettiest setting possible

Here’s our Autumn country weekend in pictures … I love these late summer days, crisp mornings with some daytime high temperatures & warm evenings.  Nearly the whole family & lots of friends joined us for our annual September picnic in one of the Apley Estate’s most idyllic spots. I spoke to a guest today who said she thought it was one of the most perfect Saturday afternoons she’d ever spent. So kind. It’s true – friends, good food & sunshine are three of life’s essentials.

I spent 2 hrs on a ‘fun ride’ (non-competitive cross country) today with a friend & her daughter – the 4 of us had such a blissful time – challenged, but not over stretched, everyone always taking care of others in the group.

As we trotted along, Jon, the Apley butcher called to say he’s got goose & turkey coming in for the Apley Taste Off (aka the Harvest Food Festival) this Saturday, 26 Sept. So drop in 9.30-5.30pm for some free tasters he’ll be preparing.

The last fields of Spring wheat were being harvested around us & nearer home, hedges were being cut (I hope I don’t have a puncture), fields ‘sub-soiled’ & fertilised (hence you might sniff a few strong smells around !).

On the way back on this evening, we slightly adapted the lyrics to ‘6 words’: ‘One life, 2 hands, little free time for dreaming with 4 children around, 5 senses, 6 words – now let me count my blessings’.

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