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October 4, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley farming news

2015-09-30, Winter wheat drilling 4m drill, Grindle, Mike Buck

Drilling winter wheat

I have tried to create a bit of an Apley farming diary in the last year. In 2 weeks’ time, they’ll be weaning calves & housing (bringing them into barns for winter) cattle, so there will be lots of vehicle & cattle movements & as Adrian added, lots of noise too (mooing !). Here’s Mike using a 4m wide (for extra speed) drill to sow (drill) winter wheat near Grindle, beyond Astol Farm (one of our home farms) where Hop & Stagger brewery have just created 3 Apley beers – the Apley Gamekeeper’s Gold, Apley Gardener’s IPA & the Apley Woodman’s Bitter. There will be doubt several opportunities in the next few months to enjoy some free tasters & meet Sam & Bob who make it with their sons across the fields from Apley Farm Shop.

More on both those subjects later this week …

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