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October 31, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Autumn filming on the Apley Estate

Spookley Pumpkin Festival

Spookley Pumpkin Festival – last day tomorrow, Sat 31 Oct

2015-10-30, Spookley

Cattle being fed barley straw

Cattle being fed barley straw

Early on Wednesday morning, Les Walton of BBC Radio Shropshire came to speak to Gavin about our Spookley Pumpkin Festival which ends tomorrow, Sat 31 Oct (5:30pm). I always suggest Gavin speaks, as I think sounds much better on radio & TV than I do, as he’s more relaxed & speaks more slowly ! Click HERE to hear him early on the breakfast show on Thursday morning with Eric Smith & Clare Ashford (forward to 1:46:20 & listen until 1:50:05).

2015-10-30, Autumn film photos (13)

Apley mushrooms (by me ! ©Harriet Hamilton)


Whenever I go out & about round the Apley Estate filming with AgWa Media, I have so much fun as Agata & I discuss ideas & make them reality. Today was the second installment of filming for our Autumn film. At the foot of our Apley Farm Shop website, there’s a link to click to see our latest film which is the first installment. At one stage, my car was not suitable to go where we had in mind, so we did a rapid, spontaneous, James Bond style swap of keys with the gamekeeper & whizzed off road in his 4×4 – rather funny.

We began with some farming footage at Apley Home Farm, as Bill was spreading barley straw for the cattle to eat, now they’re housed indoors for the winter. Click HERE to watch – it’s funny, as the cattle get covered in straw & seem to rather like it. I am so proud of this very Autumnal mushroom (I’m not yet sure what they are, sorry) taken on my iphone.

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