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November 1, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Estate farming news

2015-02-27, Apley cows feeding on silage, by Ian Edwards

Apley cows feeding on silage (in Feb 2015), by Ian Edwards

I bumped into Bill on Apley Home Farm when I was out & about filming again with AgWa Media, getting late October footage for our Autumn film. He updated me as he was about to give the cattle some barley straw bales to eat & wheat straw [Heston size] for bedding. I mentioned it another blog last week when the calves were being weaned. I hope these short updates help to build a picture of the farming year & the Field to Fork process, especially important for our meat.

Recent pregnancy tests have showed that 1 bull has not been as effective as he should have been (!) We have 5 of our own Belgian Blue bulls & hire in 3 more. They’re put with 200 cattle of various breeds including Limousin cross, Simantel cross & Belgian Blue cross.

In January & February, the barley straw the cows are being fed now will be replaced with silage. They aren’t fed anything else until each one has calved, when they are given corn & silage (as in this photo) to help them produce enough milk & get back into condition. TB tests are being done this week.

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