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December 5, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Lady Hamilton’s Christmas favourites

2015-09-16, Shropshire venison sausage raw - £9.95 per kg

Shropshire venison sausages (raw)


Apley mince pies

2015-07-01, Oak apple catering cheese nibbles

Oak Apple Catering cheese nibbles

2015-10-21, MacNeil's Smokehouse smoked salmon

MacNeil’s Smokehouse smoked salmon

I was just asked to name my favourite Christmas foods for our online DeliShop, which was a mouth-watering but very tricky task.

Here are the results:

“It isn’t that I can’t get through a week without these, but just that they add to the week’s happiness quota !

I gave some to 2 friends recently who both admitted they’d wolfed the lot in one sitting & wanted some more !

  1. Julie & Willow’s mince pies – I don’t know if they have a secret pastry recipe of if it’s in their mince – but they taste so much better than anyone else’s ! All our staff are lovely, including Willow & Julie – somehow that’s another factor which makes them taste better !
  2. MacNeill’s smoked salmon – this is a fairly new product to us at Apley Farm Shop. When I’m really hungry, I can definitely eat a whole pack with no help from anyone else ! I might occasionally be persuaded to reluctantly share it.
  3. Oak Apple Catering cheese sables [nibbles] – same applies to any of Oak Apple’s cheese sables (they have several varieties). They last in our kitchen (we’re a family of 6 & live very busy & outdoorsy lifestyles) about 5mins if left lying around !
  4. Apley Farm Shop’s venison sausages – these are only made when our local deer expert has delivered some, which is not every single day. It’s rather hit & miss if you’ll excuse the pun. They’re super lean, very dark meat, extra healthy & taste like no others. Call us before setting out, to check if we have some in stock or reserve some when the next venison arrives.”

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