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December 7, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Butcher wins sausage award

2015-11-25, Butcher sausage awards

Richard Botterill's geese walk through the village daily

Richard Botterill’s geese walk through the village daily

We’re very proud that our Apley butcher recently won a gold award for his traditional thin pork sausages so here is the snippet from the Shropshire Star in case you missed it at the end of November (Steve Watts was the photographer, not the butcher, as shown here !)

Their Christmas turkeys are locally sourced & free-range. Our geese come from Richard Botterill in Leicestershire who walks them through the village every day. (Take care, as this enchanting photo disguises how vicious they can be in real life !)

As I was enjoying my pork chop this evening, bought from the Apley butchery counter of course, I was reading about the world’s largest animal cloning factory in China, where they’re increasing beef production for the Chinese. Then by chance also about GM salmon (which isn’t yet available in Europe) created using the DNA of Atlantic & Pacific salmon. This makes it increasingly important but also increasingly difficult for us to know the provenance of the food we eat & that which we feed our children. So I’ll be sticking to Apley’s butchers who source their meats as directly & locally as possible, from between 1-50 miles. Knowing our & buying directly from them means our Apley butchers can be more knowledgeable about the meat they’re selling to Apley Farm Shop customers.

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