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December 30, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Feedback for Apley Farm Shop’s Creamery Cafe

2015-07-31, Black sheep 3

The black sheep of Scotty’s Animal Park

2015-12-30, Creamery Cafe Daily Specials menu

Specials menu includes Cockaleekie broth

I always say that all forms of feedback we get are like nuggets of gold to us. Our staff so appreciate praise when deserved & we so need to know when it’s anything less than perfect. It’s a busy business to manage, keeping all balls in the air all the time. But we love being kept on our toes, always developing & evolving. Here are a couple of our latest Trip Advisor reports.

I briefly caught up with Matt Jones, our Head Chef, today for a quick general catch up & to hear how he felt Christmas had gone. Dish of the Week is Cockaleekie Broth (photo to follow, sorry) & here’s today’s Specials menu, to give you an idea …

Totally unrelated, but I couldn’t resist sharing this lovely photo is this black sheep from Scotty’s Animal Park which reopens (if weather allows) for the Feburary half term (12-21 Feb).
2015-12-18, Trip advisor 6th Nov 2015-12-29, Trip advisor 28th Dec

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