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January 14, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

This week at Apley Farm Shop

Cheese colston bassett Shropshire Blue

Cheese of the Week: Colston Bassett’s Shropshire Blue, £1.99 per 100g

2016-01-11, Pan seared chicken dish of the week

Dish of the Week: Pan-seared chicken breast on a bed of cabbage & bacon with parmentier potatoes & a creamy mushroom sauce

2016-01-14, St Valentine s Day correx JPEG

Sat 13 & Sun 14 Feb 2016

2016-01-14, Strawberry, ginger & lemon Eton mess, £3.95

Strawberry, ginger & lemon Eton mess, £3.95

2016-01-11, Marmalade cake

Marmalade cake, £2.50 each in the Creamery; £1.50 each in the farm shop

Dish of the Week at Apley Farm Shop’s Creamery Cafe is pan-seared chicken breast on a bed of cabbage & bacon with parmentier potatoes & a creamy mushroom sauce. Combine it with this Eton mess, only available until Sunday. Cheese of the Week is Colston Bassett’s Shropshire Blue & Cake of the Week is Julie’s Marmalade cake.

Just spoke to the Apley butchers today about their handmade haggis, made with Apley Estate lamb (from Oldington Farm, less than 1 mile from Apley Farm Shop) & local Shropshire pork. They’re not gluten free as the wheat rusk is required to help binds them together (same as for sausages). However, gluten free versions are available on request.

In Big Little Things, our newest [florist & gifts] tenant in our Courtyard Shopping, St Valentine’s Day flowers are already available to order. On both Sat 13 & Sun 14 February, the Creamery Cafe will be offering an especially romantic lunch with simultaneous Afternoon Teas (12-4pm). On Sunday 28 January, they’re holding a floral design masterclass. Call Fran or Sarah on 07811 343 558 for more details.

The farm shop & our parallel online Delishop will have St Valentine’s hampers, chocolates, gift vouchers & as well as a range non-edible presents. More on that this weekend.

This week on Apley Home Farm, Adrian & his team have been freeze branding cattle, lifting fodder beet, vaccinating cattle against leptospirosis & loading out grain.

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